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Saving Lives One at a Time

Strays Deserve Better Homes

Man’s best friends should not be left on the streets to fend for themselves. Fortunately, Toby-Anna’s Guardian Angel Rescue is here to help give happily ever after to abandoned and surrendered dogs in Camden and surrounding areas.

About Us

Serving in South and North Carolina as well as in Upstate Georgia, Toby-Anna’s Guardian Angel Rescue is a no-kill rescue that specializes in small-breed dogs (25 lbs. and under). Our 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization is dedicated to saving the lives of unwanted dogs from shelters or owners who have surrendered them due to personal circumstances. All donations are fully tax deductible and are used totally for the care of the dogs.

We started in October 2017, and since then, we have rescued numerous dogs that needed help. Our founder has many years of experience rescuing dogs of all ages, breeds, and conditions, and we strive to give them the best possible life. All of the dogs rescued are then fully vetted, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and then groomed before they are put up for adoption.

We do charge a reasonable adoption fee based on the breed, age and condition of the dog. We do not get funding and our expenses can sometimes be very high on some dogs due to the condition they come into rescue.

Toby-Anna’s Guardian Angel Rescue does not have a shelter to visit. Prior to adoption, you must have an approved application and an appointment to visit the dog you are interested in adopting.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide a good future to all the dogs that were left by their owners. With our help, the dogs are matched with the proper owners to give them their own happy endings.


My wife and I had lost our two elderly terriers several months ago and just made the 

decision to try to find a good adult dog to adopt. We signed up at Adopt-a-Pet and one 

other web service to get referrals. Our efforts to adopt were getting frustrating because we 

would email the rescue group about a particular dog and never get any response. Our last 

adoption application was submitted to a small rescue groupin Sumter, SC and, while 

waiting for a response, my wife checked their website again and found that our choice was 

no longer available.

We were about to abandon our search for a rescue dog. The day after we learned that our 

last rescue dog request was no longer available, we saw a posting from Toby-Anna's Rescue 

in Camden showing a dog meeting most of our search criteria. We emailed the Rescue for 

an application on a Sunday and received a return email with an application Monday 

morning, which we returned that afternoon. We received an email from Toby-Anna's that 

evening telling us our application was received and Mrs. Metz, the Director, would let us 

know something the next day after our application information was thoroughly reviewed 

and verified.

To our delight, we got a call from Mrs. Metz Tuesday morning telling us our little fella had 

just been micro chipped and was ready to be picked up! We were so grateful! We picked up 

our Westie mix that afternoon at Toby-Anna's, which is right behind Mrs. Metz's home. The 

facility was so clean and well-equipped and Mrs. Metz and her associate were 

knowledgeable, caring and so helpful.

Any dog needing a good home and any person wanting to adopt a nice dog and have a 

satisfying adoption experience would be fortunate to be helped by Toby-Anna's Rescue in 

Camden, SC.

- Client, Toby-Anna's Guardian Angel Rescue




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